Summary of Donations to Bless the Children

Our beloved friends of the children, We hope you will join us in helping orphaned, abandoned and desperately poor children. Children like seven-year-old Roman have been left in this world without parents to care for them. Roman lives and works in a garbage dump in Nicaragua and some nights he wakes up crying, asking for his mother. He asks why his mother left him. He pleads with his grandmother to find his mother and ask her to come home. He promises he will be a good boy. Roman’s grandmother is so poor she can't afford even the simplest things as regular meals for her grandson, much less school supplies or clothes. But your tax-deductible donation will make a world of difference in Roman's life and in the lives of other orphaned and abandoned children. Your love in action will help ensure children have nourishing food to eat and can go to school. Please make a one-time donation or become a monthly donor and help Roman and children like him know there is love and kindness in abundance the whole year through. With a grateful heart, Rebecca Smith Vice President

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Offline donations include cash, cheques and any other donations paid directly to the fundraising organisation. This offline donation total is updated periodically by the Tribute Guardian in conjunction with the fundraising organisation.