Darlene July 8th, 2016

Memories from Donna's sister . . . Donna and I shared bedrooms, down the hall from brother Skip. Donna helped my parents raise me. She taught me how to pick the vegetables and fruit in the backyard. She taught me how to play games, how to play safely. She visited the neighbors with me. We would go to the farm down the street and pick corn and say hello to the cows. We would watch the baseball games across the street. When she met Dennis, she fell in love right away. When I got a job in downtown Minneapolis, she and Dennis gave me a bedroom in their house to stay in. I was very, very grateful. Then I moved away to go to college and, eventually, to marry. Minnesota was part of my dreams, as was my family. Donna and Dennis were blessed with five wonderful children, whom they adored. And the adoration worked both ways. Donna had a dream life, and a dream family. Celebrate the wonderful person she was, and will remain, in our memories. Thank you, Donna. Love, Darlene