Tim August 6th, 2016

The night after Mom's funeral, the kids and Dad and his brothers went back to the cabin. Uncle Peter sat down in front of the laptop, pulled up a blank Word document, and told Tim to start typing. "Let's do an A to Z for Donna," he said. "Whatever words come to mind for her." And this is just a bit more of her that we thought of (add more to the list if you'd like): A: adorable, affectionate, amicable, AWESOME!, always accessible, able, attentive, all knowing, Aitkin, Andover B: beautiful, benevolent, brazen, BRAVE!, bath, Blackjack, bookworm, Bloomington C: caring, cheerful, crafty, congratulatory, consummate cheerleader, courteous, Christian, canning, cool, Chippy, cribbage, care taker, cow, cook, crock potter D: delightful, darling, Dennis and Donna Dzubay, dog lover, dish towel, DA BOMB, dangerous E: elegant, energetic, enthusiastic, earnest, EPIC!, eternal, everlasting, everywhere, everything, endearing, enduring, earrings F: FUN!, fantastic, FAMILY!, forever, feisty, fun loving, fisher G: gorgeous, gentle, giving, gracious, grateful, gay, God fearing, gregarious, grandmother, gardener, graceful, GOOD!, GREAT!, Gummy Bear lover, Guinness, Genesee Depot H: humble, happy, humorous, heavenly, helping, helpful, heavenly, hugs, hopeful, hilarious, hot tamales, hippie, homemaker I: individual, irradiant, imagination, irreplaceable, insightful, integrity, inspiring, intelligent, ironer, Irish goodbye, Irish J: joker, joking, jello hater, Jelly Belly lover, joyful, Jesus, jovial, Jalisco K: kind, knowledgeable, kids, kissing, KICK BUTT! L: loving, Lefse, lutefisk, living, laugh, love, likeable, listener, Lions Club, loyal, loved a lefty, licorice, Lutheran, llamas M: mother, mom, merry, married, million dollar woman, Momma doesn´t, mannerisms, Momisms, MORE!, magnificent, maternal, Muskie lures, menu maker N: nice, nurturing, never-ending love, nearby, near, NI!, 1978, Neil Diamond O: optimistic, omnipresent, omniscient, orderly, orphanage P: Pink Floyd, pleasant, purposeful, pragmatic, perfect, playful, practical, pets, Puddles, pretty, pink, Puerto Vallarta, Plymouth, parades Q: quirky, Queen, Queen of the House, questionable children, quality control R: resourceful, ravenous, REMEMBERED, rhubarb pie, rewarding, radically awesome, radiant, reverent, religious, rebellious, red wine, Refugio, Richfield S: swag, super, superb, stupendous, sister, sister-in-law, sassy, silly, sincere, sweetness, sweet, SUGAR FOOT!, stubborn´(because of Dad), supportive, sharing, selfless, scheduling, survivor T: tender, traveler, trustworthy, truthful, trusting, totally awesome, thankful, thoughtful, tenacious, teal U: understanding, unwavering, underdog, unbelievable, unbreakable love V: VIKINGS!, vivacious, victorious, vim, vigor, vital to the family, vitality, vacation, venture, vini, vidi, vici W: watchful, WASKALLY WABBIT!, winner, wife, wonderful woman, WE, worrier, warrior, Waukesha X: xylophone by Denny, XXOO Y: youthful, she said “Yucky” Z: zoo, ZubTub, Zeetoy, zucchini, zestful, Zubaru