Sent by Mike and Robin on 03/14/2018

Mom laughed at terrible jokes and anything else we would do to try to make her laugh. She always listened to you. She always made you feel good, appreciated, loved. She made you feel like the center of the universe. She loved all of us equally, unconditionally, and with her whole heart. She gave us all “the bug,” aka the love of travelling and the adventure of going someplace different. There are so many wonderful, great memories that I can’t list individually, but one became most obvious to me: when she became “Grandma” to Denny, holding him in the hospital for the first time. When they were alone, the rest of the world didn’t exist. They would whisper secrets and talk about anything that Denny wanted to talk about with her. When they were unable to be together, Denny would talk to her on the phone and “show” (it wasn’t a smartphone—it was an ordinary house phone) her his Lego’s, books, dogs, and whatever else with the phone, and she would “Ooh!” and “Aah!” at every little part. She couldn’t see these things but just listened to Denny and loved being a part of his world. She did anything for her children, including zip lining 4 years ago because her grandson wanted her to go. She never let you know or see how much she was hurting or was tired from the cancer; she shrugged it off saying, “Some people have it way worse than I do. God never gives us more than we can handle.” Some felt that she spoiled Denny. SHE DID with the same love, kindness, and caring that she gave ALL of her children and those who needed her. All of the friends we brought home over the years whom she helped—a hug, a place to stay, ironing clothes at the Refugio, a car to borrow, some money to get them by (knowing it would never be paid back)—she cared about all of them as she cared for us: selflessly, not judging, but seeing the worth in all of us. We miss you Mom and love you so much. Robin & Mike