Puerto Vallarta Church Celebration of Life for Dennis

Created by Phillip one year ago


We had a time in our service for remembering Dennis.  Several wrote comments on the attached picture of card.

Blessings to you all,

Pastor Phil and Carol

February 4, 2020
To the Family of Dennis Dzubay,
Below you will find comments about Dennis and his presence and work in Puerto Vallarta.  I am sending to you a picture of the “large card” on which all of the below comments were written.  This is a “Celebration of the Life of Dennis” as known by several of the people in the Community Baptist church.  Dennis was a very special person we all loved.   He is missed by all. 
Brian Spendelow, who lives in the apartment building where Dennis lived, notified me of Dennis’ death.  We are truly sorry and we were saddened that we were not able to communicate directly with you.  Dennis was a faithful member of our church during the winter season.  He will not be forgotten.
Pastor Phil and Carol
Prayers and blessings for the family from Chris and Liz Lane
Knew Dennis and enjoyed seeing him each week in worship.  Mike Atteberry
Dennis was in the men’s study group that I, as a female, invaded.  I enjoyed his input and he was a blessing to all of us.  Jan Pollat
We loved Dennis, loved his Biblical thoughts and his humor, we will meet again.  Steve and Linda
God Bless.  We will keep the family in our prayers.  Dave and JoAnne Arndt
To Dennis’ family:  We miss Dennis!  In Bible study he frequently had thought provoking comments.  We will keep all of you in our thoughts.  Jeannie Maes
Our thoughts and prayers are with you all.  Fred and Barb Howard
God Bless You and Your Family.  Dennis is in Heaven now – Amen!  Sandra and Bob Altice
May God bless and keep you all in His care.  John and Judy Mayer
Dennis is a fine gentleman and truly showed Christ in his life.  Carl and Faye Foster
Dennis’ seat mate in worship.  Debra
To Dennis’ Family:  I volunteered for years with Dennis.  He will be missed.  Maria Iula
Eva Wright
Maria Elena Navariete
I miss Dennis every Day.  Mike DaFoe
Prayers and Love for the Family.  Vera faulk
Many prayers and blessings.  Elaine and Henry Boschman
Your selfless community work is such a legacy.  Vonna McKee
God Bless you and comfort you.  Larry and Ruth Hartman
We miss Dennis.  We used to sit close and talk.  June Schindel
Richard Tessman
Love, my prayers are with you.  Grace Wilson
Sending love to you all.  I miss Dennis.  He was a great cribbage player.  Rod Brady
God Bless your family.  MaryAnn and Fred Sandmeyer
We loved Dennis and looked forward every year to his return.  He was a strong Christian and a great participant in our Bible studies.  He will greatly be missed.  He was a constant reminder of a Godly man.  Pastor Phil and Carol